Polem produces biggest diameter ever

Currently, Polem is producing the biggest GRP tanks ever: twelve tanks with eight meter diameter and a capacity of 840m³. At this moment we produced 6 of the total 12 tanks, at the end of May this year the assembling will be complete. 
Polem is one of Europe’s most important companies in producing special designed GRP storage tanks and silos. Until 2013 our maximum diameter-size was five meter, since the new hall is in production the maximum size has increased to nine meter. A GRP tank of this size has not been build yet, once Polem completed this project successfully, Polem proves to be ready for the growing demands of industrial markets.
The large GRP storage tanks are to be used for the storage of liquid food for cattle. Polem is responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing, transport by water, assembling and maintenance of the entire project. Executing this project is an important milestone in the history of Polem.