Design and engineering

During the design and engineering phase, we take the following items into consideration: Wall friction, the internal friction of the material, flow properties, the risk of dust explosion and ATEX. And the same applies to (chemical) corrosive liquids, abrasion or extreme temperatures. For the design of a solution for storage of your specific materials you are best served by true GRP specialists. The above referenced elements are all taken into consideration by Polem’s specialists. They will select the right resin or resin combinations, fibreglass or other synthetic material types. If necessary, the design will also include the design of the chemical barrier layer.

Engineers at Polem individually analyse each new project and review the system performance specifications in order to select the right materials and construction methods.

Standard for high quality

Silos and tanks must be strong and safe. Polem works in accordance with the standards and recommendations which apply such as DIN 1055, EN 13121 for silos, DIN 18820 and DIN 16945/6 for plastics, AD-N1 and Berechnungsempfehlungen of the DIBt or B 4994 for GRP tanks and DIN 6600-serie for Stainless steel. Static calculations are made by external specialist engineering companies. This guarantees reliability and independence. For the complete range of products Polem has German ABZ (Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung).