GRP Silos

Features of a Polem GRP silo:

  • Wide range of diameter and storage capacity
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Complete offer including auxiliaries
  • FDA Approved
  • Antistatic, ATEX
  • Dedusting
  • Insulation
  • Chemical resistant liners
  • Ventilation
  • Fluidisation

As European market leader, Polem is the number one supplier in GRP silos for industry. Polem GRP silos  can be used for storage of dry solids. The Polem GRP silo is designed to be corrosion resistant and therefore suitable for all weather conditions including a marine environment.

Handle each project with care

Polems staff is well experienced in working with with industrial customers and meeting their requirements, especially for industrial markets Polem offers the design and engineering for the whole project. This results in bulk storage solutions for all different kinds of granulates, powders or other bulk products. Dealing with complex industrial processes on one hand and large scale plants on the other. The design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of tailor made solutions form part of our daily business.

Capacity of a Polem GRP Silo

Specialising in industrial solutions, Polem production facilities are able to supply silos with a diameter up to 9 meters and storage capacity of 1500 m³. The Polem factory was rebuilt recently including the latest technology and equipment for production. This enables Polem to deliver high quality and short delivery times.


Standard materials used for auxiliaries are hot dip galvanised steel or stainless steel 304/316. Thanks to our own production we can deliver custom work fast and at competitive prices. Polem manufactures auxiliaries in house , such as:

  • filling and de-airation pipes
  • cage ladders
  • roof railings and platforms
  • reducers and silo support structures
  • drive through structures for loading of trucks


Polem products are FDA approved, and therefore qualified for the food market. WE are TÜV certified for the application of food approved resin.

Concerning food grade quality, Polem products are covered by Directive 1935/2004 (EEC) and Directive 10/2011 (EEC) on "polyester materials and articles intended for repeated use in contact with food".


If you need equipment with your silo or tank, Polem can deliver a complete package including filters, bin vibrators, mixers, weighing systems etc. Equipment meets the set demands for example on residual dust in filtered air, food grade quality and ATEX. Fluidisation with air pads or fluidised bottoms supplied completely by Polem itself.