Road salt storage

Polem silos are the economical solution for efficient storage of road salt. We offer a full range of high quality and stable GRP silos, including a drive-through construction, making the loading of trucks as quick as possible. Throughout the years, these silos have proven to be perfectly suitable for the storage of road salt. Polem understands the needs of companies cleaning on the roads in winter times and therefore designs the GRP silos to be particularly suitable for the storage and loading of road salt. We guarantee optimal storage of your material – the best for a ‘ready to use’ winter service.

Polem silos are manufactured at state of the art production facilities. Through the application of this special production process, our silos are particularly suitable for the safe storage of your road salt. 

The advantages of Polem GRP Silos:

  • Quick loading and unloading of the road salt
  • Exceptional smooth surfaces on interior, optimal flow of the salt
  • Heavy Duty Silo body
  • Less condensation
  • Long product life-time
  • Large storage capacity
  • Better reservation of the salt quality
  • No corrosion of the silo body
  • No maintenance on silo body required

Polem GRP silos are supported by a corrosion resistant hot dipped galvanized support structure for easy installation on a concrete foundation.