Food and dairy

Polem GRP silos and storage tanks are extremely well-suited for storing all kinds of foods, including fluids, such as water, soy sauce, starch slurry, brine, oils and fats. But also for storing solids, such as flour, salt, sugar, starch, corn, cocoa or gluten.

By using specially selected resins for  their construction, Polem storage tanks and silos can be specifically suited for use in the food industry. These resins are FDA-approved and are consequently suitable for use in this industry. To meet the FDA standards, the resins are subjected to a migration test in accordance with current standards for liquid as well as dry foods.

Furthermore, GRP has highly effective insulating properties (λ= 0.17 W/m) thus preventing the creation of cold bridges. In this case an air dryer is usually sufficient and insulation may not even be required. Should insulation nevertheless be necessary, it is easy to apply.

Your bulk materials are stored safely and reliably, by choosing Polem.